DNA Analysis Core Lab




The DNA Analysis Core Facility has been in operation since 1998 and it has updated the services to support the molecular biological applications in research and clinical activities of the Biomedical Research Institute in SNUH. The Core Facility, located in Room 6210 on the 6th floor of the BRI building, houses an ABI Genetic Anlayzer 3130xl Sequencer. This instrument provides DNA Sequencing & Fragment Analysis such as STR (Short Tandom Repeat), Human identification(SNP), MLPA, etc. by Capillary Electrophoresis and application-specific software to detect the target product to researchers.
The analysis is as follows. Dye-terminator sequencing utilizes labelling of the chain terminator ddNTPs, which permits sequencing in a single reaction, rather than four reactions as in the labelled-primer method. In dye-terminator sequencing, each of the four dideoxynucleotide chain terminators is labelled with fluorescent dyes, each of which emit light at different wavelengths. And fragment analysis generates a size estimate for DNA fragments relative to a size standard of DNA fragments with known lengths.
The size standard is combined with the sample of interest and co-injected on the capillary electrophoresis system.
Amplified fragments, along with appropriate size standards, move through a capillary filled with polymer and are detected using Capillary Electrophoresis Genetic Analyzer. During an electrophoresis run, the AB Genetic Analyzer records the fluoresence intensity as a function of time and wavelength from regions on a CCD camera that correspond to different detection wavelength ranges Samples are typically processed in 2 or 3 days and yield 500-1000 nucleotides of DNA sequence data and at last 2days per 96 samples for genotyping.
The DNA Sequencing Core Facility is overseen by Dr. Kyuhan Kim and is managed by HyunJeong Lee as a researcher and Ki Ho Park, Ph.D. Various services offered by the Core facility are available to users on a fee for service basis, and can be requested via E-mail (E-mail: jjung1111@snuh.org) or by filling out a reservation form online (bri.snuh.org).
Each user must sign up in advance and supply a valid account number before being allowed to access to the instrument. Non-hospital and University users may also take advantage of the BRI Core Facility on a fee for service basis.
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Location : Room 6210, 6th floor, Biomedical Research Institute
Person in charge : Hyun Jung Lee mail
Phone : 02-2072-1802 Fax : 02-762-5178