The Real-Time PCR Core Facility has been in operation since 2001 and it has updated the services to support the molecular biological applications in research and clinical activities of the Biomedical Research Institute at SNUH.
The Core Facility, located on the 6th floor of the CRI building, houses an ABI Prism 7000 & 7500 Sequence Detection Systems. This instrument combines thermal cycling, fluorescence detection and application-specific software to detect the accumulation of target product, cycle-by-cycle, during PCR. Using fluorescent probes (TaqMan) or SYBR Green, the above system can provide real-time quantification of DNA or RNA by monitoring the exponential phase of the PCR reaction.
Applications for real-time PCR technology include quantitative gene expression analysis, pathogen detection/virus gene quantification, allelic discrimination (SNP detection), and mutation screening.

Another special analysis items are RNA Validation analysis for the quality control of RNA isolation. Real-time PCR Core Facility is overseen by Dr. Kyuhan Kim and is managed by Ki Ho Park, Ph.D. and HyunJeong Lee as a researcher. Various services offered by the Core are available to users on a fee for service basis, and can be requested via E-mail (parkkh@snuh.org) or by filling out a reservation form online (cri.snuh.org).
Each user must sign up in advance and supply a valid account number before being allowed to access to the instrument. Non-hospital and University users may also take advantage of the CRI Core Facility on a fee for service basis. Real-time PCR is one of the most sensitive and accurate assays for RNA expression analysis allele discrimination and DNA quantification.
In additin to the Qpcr Lab., we recently installed Bioanalyzer for validation of RNA quality. This lab provides not only PCR but also data analysis and interpretation by full time staff. At present all users are trained for sample setup and analysis by the Lab. staff. The users must prepare their samples independently and bring in their PCR plates which is ready for the PCR process.
First time users must undergo basic training sessions offered by the Core Manager before having access to the instrument; training sessions will be arranged on a per need basis which is more economical.

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Location : Room 6305, 6th floor, Biomedical Research Institute
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>Phone : 02-2072-1821 Fax : 02-762-5286