Electron Microscopy Core Facility




Electron Microscopy Core Facility (1st floor 101) External and internal structure of biological specimens for microscopic observation and analysis services for researchers are available in our Facility. To investigate the biological ultra-structure, Transmission Electron microscopy and Scanning Electron microscopy are used. In addition, histological studies with light microscopy samples - sectioning equipment are supported.
Kinds of devices • Transmission Electron Microscope( JEM-1400, JEOL) • Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope(JSM-7401, JEOL)) • Ultra-microtome (Leica EM U6C) . 3D Tomography –TEM(SIS) . EDS(INCA ,OXFORD)

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Location: Room 1101, 1th floor, Biomedical Research Institute
Person in charge : Eun-kyung Choi mail
Phone: 02-2072-1887 Fax: 02-762-5178