Microbiology Core Facility




Welcome to our core facility in Center for Medical Innovation, Seoul National University Hospital.

Microbiology Core Facility is located on the second basement, Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) building in Seoul National University Hospital. Our facility is supporting the microbiology related experiments especially associated with animal health monitoring and bacteria, virus identification.

First of all, we examine bacterial contamination from routine cell culture, and specific pathogen infections of animal tissue and animal fluids.

We have procedures for identification of unknown bacteria, specialized staining system and various chemical reagents. Also we use an automated bacterial identification system (VITEK2) and have some ATCC bacteria cell lines.   

Second, we also can operate some various animal specific virus using ELISA method and IFA assay. 

Third, we detect mycoplasma contamination with cell culture supernatant using PCR and luciferase assay.

We operate CO2 free incubator, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope, BSC, VITEK 2 compact, and so on.

The Facility is extremely well equipped for detection of bacteria and virus. If you want to use our facilities, please call (Ext. # 1741) or visit B2 217 at CMI building.    

Thank you.

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Location : Location : Room B2 217, 2nd basement, Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) 
Person in charge : Dae Jong Han mail
Phone : 02-2072-1739, 1741 Fax : 02-762-5178