Flow Cytometry Core Facility




The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located on the second basement (Room B2 306) in Seoul National University Hospital, Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) building. The flow cytometry works at Biomedical Research Institute are divided into two broad categories, analysis and cell sorting. The facilities are extremely well equipped for both analysis and cell sorting. A brief description of the cytometers and their particular capabilities is as follows. Please contact our staffs for more information.


FACSCalibur(Becton&Dickinson) : 3-color, 1-laser
FACSCalibur(Becton&Dickinson) : 4-color, 2-laser

FACSCanto(Becton&Dickinson) : 10-color, 3-laser


FACSAria I (Becton&Dickinson) : 3-laser (488nm, 640nm, 355nm )
FACSAria II (Becton&Dickinson) : 3-laser (488nm, 640nm, 355nm ) BSC-II system 

All of the flow cytometers ( FACSCalibur, FACSAria etc.) are solely operated by well trained staffs with the exception of some analytical experiments done by experienced users who completed user education. To make the reservation, please contact us at 2072-1852.

What is Flow Cytometry?

Flow cytometry, typically using fluorescent probes which bind to specific cell associated molecules, allows measurements of various phenotypic, biochemical and molecular characteristics of individual cells (or particles) suspended in a fluid stream. As the cells flow past a focused laser beam of appropriate wavelength, the probes fluoresce and the emitted light is collected and directed to appropriate detectors. These detectors, in turn, translate these light signals into electronic signals proportional to the amount of light collected. Information regarding the relative size and granularity of a cell, for example, is also obtained as these characteristics influence the way in which light is scattered as the cell passes through the laser beam.

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Location: Room B2 306, 2nd basement, Center for Medical Innovation (CMI)
Person in charge : Ji Hyun Sungmail, Mira Song mail
Phone: 02-2072-1852 Fax: 02-762-5178