Medical Research Collaborating Center

The Medical Research Collaborating Center was established to provide high quality research services and education, and to serve as a coordinating center for large scale multicenter clinical trials and epidemiologic studies. It has three divisions: the division of biostatistics, division of data management, and division of clinical epidemiology. We collaborate in all aspects of study design, data management, and statistical analysis of clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory research data.
The divisions of clinical epidemiology and biostatistics provide consultative services from the initial design stage to the final reporting phase of clinical researches. The division of data management provides reliable and efficient data management. It possesses ClinTrial4 and PhactaX (Pharmaco-epidemiology and Clinical Trial Application X), which complies with international standards and regulations as a data management system. We offer a number of courses on the methodology involved in medical research each year to help medical investigators acquire basic knowledge for performing medical research. Also, we run training programs to develop experts in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, and data management, who will lead the country in building domestic infrastructure.
We routinely perform scientific pre-reviews of study protocols which are conducted at Seoul National University College of Medicine or Seoul National University Hospital for supporting IRB function.