Research & Experiment

Department of Research & Experiment



Department of Research and Experiments is one of the main in-vitro research supporting department in Translational Research Institute (TRI) that mainly consists of shared facilities, nine core facilities, central research laboratory and TRI administration office therein. It is spanned along the five floors (18,000 square meters) of Center for Medical Innovation (CMI), and research professors’ office, cell culture room, freezer room, core facilities, shared facilities, multiple meeting rooms, 292 wet benches and 181 dry research desks are adequately arranged on each floor. Around 450 clinical research manpower with tens of research-supporting specialists and clinical professors have been putting concerted efforts in order to establish the systematic research environment and activate clinical researches. The accessibility to the cutting-edge research equipment and application of the latest clinical research related infrastructure to the experiments are much easier in our department via core facilities: Flow cytometry, Proteomics, Cellomics, Pathology, Microbiology, Radioisotope, Culture media and supplements, Tissue and Serum bank, and Confocal Core Facility, and over 900 shared facilities. We also support the national research projects performing groups in Seoul National University Hospital: Innovative Cell Therapy Research Cluster and Research Support Center for Rare Disease; moreover, annually allocate laboratory benches, paper research desks, research professors’ offices and individual open space for personal research instruments, pursuant to the regulation of Biomedical Research Institute (BRI) to current users and new applicants. Any need in the field of research in CMI is immediately reflected to the research supporting policies in our department as well as the researchers’ desire for the new technology is fully satisfied by biannual research experimental methods workshop which provides up-to-date research information and introduces high-tech analyzers. Like these, we are doing our best to support and provide optimal space and comfortable research environment for experiments, field related cutting-edge technology, specialized data analyzing service, continuing education and operating multiple core facilities for our researchers to achieve the fruitful successes in the clinical research and contribute to health of humankind.