Shared Repository Core Facility




The Shared Repository core facility office is located on the third basement in Center for Medical Innovation (CMI). The cryo-equipment is installed, considering convenient and efficient aspects, throughout the CMI building from 3rd basement to 4th floor: room # B3106, B3107, B2215, 2109, 2217, 3223, 3307, 4223 and 4307. The repository spaces of freezers (-20℃), deep freezers (-80℃) and liquid nitrogen freezers (-195℃) are annually distributed to qualified researchers and thoroughly managed. Also, we provide the liquid nitrogen gas for research purpose only. 

The CRF (controlled rate freezer), our main equipment can be used for sample freezing and continuous long-term storage without giving any damages to tissue and cells. 

All the cryo-equipment is continuously monitored with ‘Realtime network monitoring system’ in the facility. This internet-based system can even manage the cryo-equipment installed in Biomedical Science Building which is distant from CMI. 

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Location : Location : Room B3 103, 3rd basement, Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) 
Person in charge : Keun Young Yoon mail
Phone : 02-2072-1718 Fax: 02-765-1718