History of the Biomedical Research Institute


The Biomedical Research Institute began operation in 1978 with the objective of improving clinical quality and with 24 laboratories and 20 animal experimental rooms, totaling 2,049m2, in the 12th and 13th floors of SNUH.

To facilitate its increasing role as a leading hospital- affiliated research center, the construction of a separate building was planned in 1989. A building of floor area 22,277m2 with 11 floors above the ground and 1 floor below the ground was completed on May 15, 1998, after three years of construction.

A new building of the institute is now in the planning stages. The building will be equipped with interdisciplinary laboratories and core facilities under the name of Open Innovative Translational Research Institute.

Former Biomedical Research InstituteCompletion Ceremony of  Biomedical Research InstituteOpen Innovative Translational  Research Institute(under planning)