Presiden Meassage of the Biomedical Research Institute





Welcome to Biomedical Research Institute(BRI) webpage of Seoul National University Hospital.

Based on research excellence, SNUH BRI endeavors to become a leading world-class biomedical research institute through integration and collaboration. 

With affiliated organizations such asTranslational Medicine Research Center, Clinical Trials Center, Innovative Medical Technology Research Center and Center for Cell & Gene Treatment, SNUH BRI is the supervising organization of SNUH research. SNUH BRI aims to implement the following four main philosophies.

▣ Excellence : SNUH BRI will heighten our hospital’s brand value with world-class research capabilities, and will aim for the virtuous cycle of increasing research funds and securing high-class research manpower.

▣ Relevance : SNUH BRI will transform our hospital’s profit model from red ocean to blue ocean by focusing on practical research leading to the newest treatment and development of bio-venture. 

▣ Future-Oriented : SNUH BRI will be the leader of bio-science along with the future-oriented Innovative Medical Technology Research Center and Center for Cell & Gene Treatment.

▣ Responsibility : SNUH BRI will guide the research of Korea as the national bio-medical research institute worthy of name.

We hope you gain adequate information from BRI webpage, such as research support services and infrastructures, as well as the most up-to-date research trend. We promise to precisely reflect various needs of the users, and we will strive to make a more useful and user-friendly research portal.

Thank you.

President of SNUH BRI,  YONG JIN KIM